Key Staffers


Kathy Stein is our leader in the front office. She has helped steer GVEC for over fifteen years. Julie May and Lisa Estes schedule appointments, assist with billing, and handle client communications. Julie also doubles as a veterinary assistant on the road and organizes our Winter Horse Health Seminar. Laura Johnson has been our barn manager since we opened the clinic in 1997. In addition she serves as a veterinary assistant and handles requests for student externships. Katy Page is a veterinary assistant and also keeps tabs on the clinic’s inventory of drugs and supplies. Our licensed veterinary technicians are Kellie Donovan, LVT and Emma Meli, LVT. Kathy Stevenson and Jen Cornell provide weekend assistance.

Kathy Stein, Office Manager

Laura Johnson, Barn Manager

Kathy Stein
Office Manager

Laura Johnson
Barn Manager

Julie May, Clinic Assistant

Katy Page, Clinic Assistant

Julie May
Clinic Assistant

Katy Page
Clinic Assistant

Kellie Donovan, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kathy Stevenson, Weekend Assistant

Kellie Donovan
Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kathy Stevenson
Weekend Assistant

Lisa Estes, Office Assistant

Jen Cornell

Lisa Estes
Office Assistant

Jen Cornell
Weekend Assistant

Emma Meli, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Emma Meli
Licensed Veterinary Technician

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