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As a service to our clients, GVEC has created a reference library. We have started with a few video and book titles and will add more as interest dictates. In addition, we have tapes of our annual horse health seminars from 1996 to the present, in case you missed one or want a refresher course on a certain topic. Videos and books must be
picked up and returned at the clinic. Rental is free, but a $10 deposit is required. This will be refunded upon return of the borrowed item.


Learn to Stretch Your Horse–Learn over twenty stretches to improve your horse’s performance and eliminate stiffness and balance problems.

American Barn Tour—Take a virtual tour through dozens of barns of all designs, sizes, shapes, costs, and uses. Full of ideas for improving or designing your own horse facility.

The Nature of Foaling – Provides insight into the dynamic process of reproduction, from conception to post-partum care. Let's you know what to expect throughout the breeding and foaling process.

Care of the Neonate — Complete care of your new foal

First Aid for Horses — Two top vets show you what is normal and what is cause for concern

Dr. Deb Bennett’s Secrets of Conformation — Clearly demonstrates what to look for in conformation analysis whether you are a buyer, trainer or breeder

Early Learning – The complete training of the newborn foal during it’s imprinting and learning periods. Take advantage of the special ability your foal has in the first hours of his life.

Foaling Fundamentals — Care of the pregnant mare, demonstration of a live foaling, and all aspects of postnatal care

Good Horsekeeping – A practical video guide for the new owner of a horse or pony. Parents and young horsepeople will find a wealth of knowledge on keeping themselves and their equines healthy and safe.

Horse Owner’s Guide to Colic — This interactive program helps horse owners understand the anatomy and dynamics of colic using 3D models and animation

Lameness in the Horse — Follows a vet through a complete lameness exam. Also discusses laminitis and EPM.

The Little Horse that Could – The story of a local equine hero, “Erin Go Bragh”

Safer Horsemanship — Why and when handling horses may be risky, and how to minimize those risks

Understanding Horses and Using This Knowledge to Solve Common Behavior Problems – Dr. Robert Miller explains the 10 major equine behavioral and physical characteristics then shows how to use this information in a stress free manner to solve such problems as shying, balking, barnsour, needleshy, and more.

The Visible Horse — Shows in vibrant color how a horse’s bones and muscles work in motion

Training Mules and Donkeys (with workbook): Devoted specifically to the management and training of donkeys, this video includes discussion of imprinting, leading and tying, trailer loading and breeding.


Back to Work by Lucinda Dyer

Buildings for Small Acreages by James Boyd

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge by Kimberly Gatto

Biomechanics of Lameness in Horses by Rooney

Blessed Are the Broodmares by Phyllis Lose, VMD

Blessed Are the Foals by Phyllis Lose, VMD

Careers With Horses by Vicki Hogue-Davies

Complete Plans for Building Horse Barns Big and Small by Nancy Ambrosiano and Mary HarcourtBack

Coping with the Loss of a Pet by Christina M. Lemieux, Ph.D

Cummunicating With Cues by John Lyons

Encyclopedia of the Horse

Equine Injury, Therapy & Rehabilitation by Mary Bromiley

Feeding & Care of the Horse (1 st and 2 nd editions) by Lon D. Lewis

Fossil Horses by Bruce J MacFadden

Hands-On Horse Care from Horse & Rider magazine by Karin Hayes, D.V.M.

Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas by Robert Kainer and Thomas O. McCracken

Horse Conformation edited by Juliet Hedge, D.V.M. & Don Wagoner

Horse Owner's Field Guide to Toxic Plants by Sandra Burger

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook by Giffen and Gore

Horse Shoeing Theory & Hoof Care by Emery, Miller & VanHoosen

Horse Watching by Desmond Morris

Miniature Horses Their Care, Breeding and Coat Colors by Barbara Naviaux

Simon & Schuster's Guide to Horses & Ponies

Stablekeeping:A Visual Guide to Safe and Healthy Horsekeeping by Cherry Hill

The Complete Book of Foaling by Karin Hayes, DVM

The Mind of the Horse by R.H. Smythe

Understanding Basic Horse Care by Michael Ball, D.V.M.

Understanding First Aid by Michael Ball D.V.M. (2 copies)

Understanding Horse Behavior by Sue McDonnell, Ph.D.

Understanding Preventative Medicine by Bradford Bentz, V.M.D., M.S.

Understanding The Equine Foot by Fran Jurga

Veterinary Guide to Horse Breeding by James Giffen, M.D. and Kjersten Darling, D.V.M.

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